• UPDATED 23 of December, 2013 *All the given prices are approximate.*
  • We will try to keep this price guide as up-to-date as we can. If anything is outdated or missing please notify a wiki editor and we'll fix it as soon as possible.
  • The lowest price is determined by being the price you would instantly sell item at, and the highest price is the price you would instantly buy item at.
  • Price listed as 'N/A' mean there is not enough items to determine a price, or that specific item doesn't even exist in game yet.
  • K refers for Thousand [1000], M refers for million [1,000,000], and B refers for billion [1,000,000,000]
  • You can use 'Ctrl + F' to search for a specific item.

Weapons Edit

Item Name Price
Dragon_claws.png Dragon Claws 1.4B - 1.8B
Chaotic_crossbow.png Chaotic Crossbow 1.1B - 1.4B(A Small)
Chaotic_rapier.png Chaotic Rapier 1.1B - 1.4B(A Small)
Chaotic_staff.png Chaotic Staff 50M - 100M
Chaotic_maul.png Chaotic Maul 400M - 550M
Chaotic_longsword.png Chaotic Longsword 1.1B - 1.4B
Barrelchest_anchor.png Barrelchest Anchor 10M - 20M Staff of Light 200M - 300M Balmung 3-5B
Statius_Warhammer_small.gif Statius Warhammer 500M - 1B Abyssal whip 8M - 12M
Abyssal_whip_%28blue%29.png Blue whip 8M - 12M
Abyssal_whip_%28white%29.png White whip 8M - 12M
Abyssal_whip_%28yellow%29.png Gold whip 10M - 15M
Abyssal_whip_%28green%29.png Bandos whip 10M - 15M Lava Whip 350M - 400M
Abyssal_vine_whip.png Abyssal Vine Whip 15B+
Zuriel%27s_staff.png Zuriel's Staff 100M - 200M
Morrigan%27s_javelin.png Morrigan's Javelin N/A
Morrigan%27s_throwing_axe.png Morrigan's Throwing Axe N/A
Vesta%27s_spear.png Vesta's Spear 100M - 200M
Vesta%27s_longsword.png Vesta's Longsword 900M - 1B
Korasi%27s_sword.png Korasi's Sword 500M - 700M
Gravite_rapier.png Gravite Rapier N/A
Gravite_2h_sword.png Gravite 2H N/A
Ancient_staff.png Ancient Staff 20M - 30M
Saradomin_sword.png Saradomin Sword 3M - 10M
Ornate_katana.png Ornate Katana 1B - 3B
Comp_ogre_bow.PNG Comp Ogre Bow 5M - 10M
Darkbow.PNG Dark bow 10M - 20M
Granite_maul.gif Granite Maul 10M - 15M
Gadderhammer.png GadderHammer 10M - 20M
Katagon_longsword.png Katagon Longsword 5B - 10B
Gorgonite_maul.png Gorgonite Maul 500M - 700M
Gorgonite_2h_sword.png Gorgonite 2H 500M - 700M
Promethium_2h_sword.png Promethium 2H 1B - 2B
Promethium_maul.png Promethium Maul 1B - 2B
Primal_2h_sword.png Primal 2H 1B - 2B
Primal_maul.png Primal Maul 1B - 2B
Primal_longsword.png Primal Longsword N/A
Primal_battleaxe.png Primal Battleaxe N/A
Primal_hatchet.png Primal Hatchet N/A

Godswords Edit

Item Name Price Armadyl Godsword 650M - 750M Bandos Godsword 30M - 50M Saradomin Godsword 100M - 120M Zamorak Godsword 80M - 100M

Armours Edit

Barrows Edit

Item Name Price Dharok's Helm 50M - 70M Dharok's Platebody 50M - 70M Dharok's Platelegs 50M - 70M Dharok's Greataxe 50M - 70M Verac's Helm 20M - 25M Verac's Brassard 20M - 25M Verac's Plateskirt 20M - 25M Verac's Flail 20M - 25M Torag's Helm 10M - 25M Torag's Platebody 10M - 25M Torag's Platelegs 10M - 25M Torag's Hammers 10M - 25M Guthan's Helm 10M - 25M Guthan's Platebody 10M - 25M Guthain's Chainskirt 10M - 25M Guthan's Warspear 10M - 25M Ahrim's Hood 20M - 40M Ahrim's Robe Top 30M - 50M Ahrim's Robe Skirt 30M - 50M Ahrim's Staff 15M - 30M Karil's Coif 20M - 30M Karil's Leatherbody 20M - 30M Karil's Skirt 20M - 30M Karil's Crossbow 30M - 50M

Nex Armor Edit

Item Name Price
Torva_full_helm.png Torva_platebody.png Torva_platelegs.png Torva (Set) 10B - 12B (4B - 5B Each piece)
Pernix_cowl.png Pernix_body.png Pernix_chaps.png Pernix (Set) 8B - 10B (3B - 3.5B Ea piece)
Virtus_mask.png Virtus_robe_top.png Virtus_robe_legs.png Virtus (Set) 8B - 10B (3B - 3.5B Ea piece)

Melee Armour Edit

Item Name Price Dragon Platebody 200M - 300M
Dragon_chain_armour_set_%28lg%29.png Dragon Set (Chainbody) 20M - 40M
Statius%27s_full_helm.png Statius Fullhelm 800M - 1B
Statius_Body_small.gif Statius Platebody 800M - 1B
Statius_Legs_small.gif Statius Platelegs 800M - 1B Bandos Chestplate 300M - 350M Bandos Tassets 300M - 350M Bandos Boots 30M - 50M
Divine_spirit_shield.png Divine Spirit Shield 900M - 1100M
Elysian_spirit_shield.png Elysian Spirit Shield 1B - 1.5B
Spectral_spirit_shield.png Spectral Spirit Shield 800M - 1B
Arcane_spirit_shield.png Arcane Spirit Shield 800M - 1B
Blessed_spirit_shield.png Blessed Spirit Shield 100M - 200M
Defensive_shield.png Defensive Shield 900M - 1B
Third_age_warrior_helmet.png 3rd Age Fullhelm 10M - 25M
Third_age_warrior_platebody.png 3rd Age Platebody 10M - 25M
Third_Age_platelegs.PNG 3rd Age Platelegs 10M - 25M
Third-age_kiteshield.png 3rd Age Kiteshield 10M - 25M
Farseer_kiteshield.png Farseer Kiteshield 50M - 100M
Chaotic_kiteshield.png Chaotic Kiteshield 50M - 100M
Eagle-eye_kiteshield.png Eagle-Eye Kiteshield 1B+
Vesta%27s_chainbody.png Vesta's Chainbody 950M - 1150M
Vesta%27sPlateskirt.gif Vesta's Plateskirt 3B Dragonfire Shield 20M - 25M Dragon Chainbody 10M - 15M Dragon Full helm 10M - 15M Dragon Platelegs 10M - 15M Dragon 2H 20M - 50M Dragon Plateskirt 1M - 5M Dragon Med helm 1M - 3M Dragon Boots 5M - 10M Dragon Square Shield 1M - 3M
Crystal_shield.png Crystal Shield 5M - 15M Gilded Full helm 10M - 15M Gilded Platebody 10M - 15M Gilded Platelegs 10M - 15M Gilded Kiteshield 10M - 15M Gilded Plateskirt 10M - 15M Void Melee Helm 20M - 30M Fighter's Torso 20M - 30M Rune Defender 5M - 10M Dragon Defender 8M - 10M
Flameburst_defender.png Flameburst Defender 4B - 5B Elite Black Full Helm 150M - 200M Elite Black Platebody 200M - 300M Elite Black Platelegs 200M - 300M
Novite_full_helm.png Full Novite 5M - 15M each piece
Bathus_full_helm.png Full Bathus 15M - 30M each piece
Marmaros_full_helm.png Full Marmaros N/A
Kratonite_full_helm.png Full Kratonite 300M - 650m each piece
Fractite_full_helm.png Full Fractite N/A
Zephyrium_full_helm.png Full Zephyrium 300M - 600m each piece
Argonite_full_helm.png Full Argonite 500M - 750M each piece
Katagon_full_helm.png Full Katagon 500M - 1B each piece
Gorgonite_full_helm.png Full Gorgonite 400M - 700M each piece
Promethium_full_helm.png Full Promethium 800M - 1B each piece Full Saradomin 10M - 15M each piece Full Guthix 10M - 15M each piece Full Zamorak 10M - 15M each piece

Primal Gear Edit

Item Price (b) Price Non (b)
Primal_full_helm.png Primal Full Helm 500M 850M - 1B
Primal_platebody.png Primal Platebody 750M 1B - 2B
Primal_chainbody.png Primal Chainbody N/A N/A
Primal_platelegs.png Primal Platelegs 400M 850M - 1B
Primal_plateskirt.png Primal Plateskirt 300M 500M - 800M
Primal_gauntlets.png Primal Gauntlets 300M 500M - 600M
Primal_boots.png Primal Boots N/A 1B - 1.2b
Primal_kiteshield.png Primal Kiteshield 500M 850M - 1B

Ranged Armour Edit

Item Name Price
Sagittarian_coif.png Sagittarian Coif 500M - 750m
Sagittarian_body.png Sagittarian Body 500M - 750m
Sagittarian_chaps.png Sagittarian Chaps 500M - 750m
Sagittarian_vambraces.png Sagittarian Vambraces 750m
Sagittarian_boots.png Sagittarian Boots 500M
Sagittarian_shortbow.png Sagittarian Longbow 500M - 700M
Armadyl_helmet.png Armadyl Helm 50M - 100M
Armadyl_chestplate.png Armadyl Chestplate 50M - 100M
Armadyl_chainskirt.png Armadyl Plateskirt 400M - 600M
Ranger_boots.png Ranger Boots 90M - 100M
Robin_hood_hat.png Robin Hood's Hat 10M - 15M
Third_age_ranger_coif.png 3rd Age Coif 15M - 20M
Third-age_range_top.png 3rd Age Platebody 15M - 20M
Third-age_range_legs.png 3rd Age Chaps 15M - 20M
Third-age_vambraces.png 3rd Age Vambs 15M - 20M
Morrigan%27s_coif.gif Morrigan's Coif 500M - 750M
Morrigan%27s_leather_body.png Morrigan's Chest 650M - 1000M
Morrigan%27s_leather_chaps.png Morrigan's Chaps 550M - 950M
Void_ranger_helm.png Void Ranged Helm 25M - 30M
Amulet_of_ranging.png Amulet of Ranging 90M - 100M

Mage Armour Edit

Item Name Price
Third-age_mage_hat.png 3rd Age Hat 15M - 20M
Third-age_robe_top.png 3rd Age Robe Top 15M - 20M
Third-age_robe.png 3rd Age Bottom 15M - 20M
Z_hood_small.gif Zuriel's Hood N/A
Zuriel%27s_robe_top.png Zuriel's Top 400M - 500M
Zuriel%27s_robe_bottom.png Zuriel's Bottom 100M - 200M
Void_mage_helm.png Void Mage Helmet 25M - 30M
Wizard_boots.png Wizard's Boots 3M - 5M

Infinity_top.png Infinity_bottoms.png Infinity_boots.png Infinity_gloves.png

10-20M ea piece

Infinity_hat_%28Air%29.png Infinity_hat_%28Earth%29.png Infinity_hat_%28Water%29.png Infinity_hat_%28Earth%29.png

Coloured Infinity

Red: 5-6B
White: 6-7B
Brown: 5B
Blue: 3-5B
Master_wand.png Master's Wand 5M - 15M

Celestial Edit

Item Price (b) Price Non (b)
Celestial_hood.png Celestial Hood 150M - 300M 350M - 500M
Celestial_robe_top.png Celestial Robe Top 150M - 300M 350M - 500m
Celestial_robe_bottom.png Celestial Robe Bottom 150M - 300M 350M - 500M
Celestial_gloves.png Celestial Gloves 100M - 2000M 200M - 350M
Celestial_shoes.png Celestial Shoes 100M - 200M 200M - 350M

Miscellaneous Edit

Item Name Price
Red_boater.png Red Boater 1M - 3M
Green_boater.png Green Boater 1M - 3M
Blue_boater.png Blue Boater 1M - 3M
Black_boater.png Black Boater 1M - 3M
Orange_boater.png Orange Boater 1M - 3M
Amulet_of_fury.png Amulet of Fury 8M - 10M
Blood_necklace.png Blood Necklace 5B - 6B
Combat_lamp.png Reset Lamp 175M - 250M
Void_Knight_top.png Void Top 25M - 30M
Void_Knight_robe.png Void Bottom 25M - 30M
Void_Knight_gloves.png Void Gloves 15M - 25M
Rune_crossbow.png Rune Crossbow 4M - 6M
Dragon_hatchet.png Dragon Axe 3M - 5M
Dragon_pickaxe.png Dragon Pickaxe 5M - 8M
Draconic_visage.png Dragonic Visage 15M - 20M
Third-age_amulet.png 3rd Age Amulet 10M - 25M
Dragon_arrow_5.png Dragon Arrows 50k - 100K each
Onyx_bolts_%28e%29_5.png Onyx Bolts (e) 50K - 100K each
Dragon_bolts_%28e%29_5.png Dragon Bolts (e) 50K - 100K each
Overload_%283%29.png Overload (3) 1M - 3M
Extreme_attack_%284%29.png Extreme_strength_%284%29.png Extreme_defence_%284%29.png Extreme Potions 500K - 1.5M
Camel_mask.png Camel Mask 5M - 15M
Tribal_mask_%28green%29.png Tribal Mask (Green) 15M - 30M
Tribal_mask_%28orange%29.png Tribal Mask (Orange) 15M - 30M
Tribal_mask_%28blue%29.png Tribal Mask (White) 15M - 30M
Meat_tenderiser.png Meat Tenderizer 10M - 20M
Cleaver.png Cleaver 10M - 20M
Bone_club.png Bone Club 1M - 3M
Bone_spear.png Bone Spear 1M - 3M
Beginner_wand.png Beginner Wand 1M - 3M
Unholy_book.png Holy_book.png Book_of_balance.png God Books (Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix) 10M - 15M
Rune_ceremonial_sword_v.png Rune Ceremonial Sword 50M - 100M

Rares Edit

Party Hats Edit

Item Name Price Black Partyhat 4B - 5B Rune Partyhat 3B - 5B Adamant Partyhat 2.5B - 4.5B Gold Partyhat 2B - 4B Iron Partyhat 2.5B - 4.5B
Red_partyhat.png Red Partyhat 500M - 600M
Blue_partyhat.png Blue Partyhat 400M - 500M
Green_partyhat.png Green Partyhat 300M - 350M
White_partyhat.png White Partyhat 400M - 500M
Purple_partyhat.png Purple Partyhat 350M - 450M
Yellow_partyhat.png Yellow Partyhat 400M - 500M

Halloween Masks Edit

Item Name Price Brown Halloween Mask 1B - 2.5B Purple Helloween Mask 1B - 2B Yellow Halloween Mask 1B - 2B White Halloween Mask 1B - 2B Black Helloween Mask 1B - 2B
Red_h%27ween_mask.png Red Halloween Mask 1B
Blue_h%27ween_mask.png Blue Halloween Mask 1B
Green_h%27ween_mask.png Green Halloween Mask 750M - 1B

Others Edit

Name Price
Santa_hat.png Santa Hat 2B - 3B
Dagon%27hai_hat.png Dagon%27hai_robe_top.png Dagon%27hai_robe_bottom.png Dagon'hai Hat: 50M - 100M
Top: 50M - 100M
Bottoms: 1B - 2B
Saradomin_banner.png Saradomin Banner 150M - 350M
Zamorak_banner.png Zamorak Banner 150M - 350M
Fairy_banner.png Banner 150M - 350M Christmas Cracker 450M - 550M Bowsword 1B - 2B

Other Edit

Item Name Price
Lord_marshal_cap.png Lord Marshal Cap 75M - 100M
Lord_marshal_top.png Lord Marshal Top 75M - 100M
Lord_marshal_trousers.png Lord Marshal Trousers 75M - 100M
Lord_marshal_gloves.png Lord Marshal Gloves 75M - 100M
Lord_marshal_boots.png Lord Marshal Boots 75M - 100M
Circus_ticket.png Membership Ticket 3B - 4B
Divine_sigil.png Divine Sigil 800M - 1B
Elysian_sigil.png Elysian Sigil 1B - 1.2B
Spectral_sigil.png Spectral Sigil 800M - 1B
Arcane_sigil.png Arcane Sigil 800M - 1B
Armadyl_hilt.png Armadyl Hilt 600M
Bandos_hilt.png Bandos Hilt 30M
Saradomin_hilt.png Saradomin Hilt 90 - 100M
Zamorak_hilt.png Zamorak Hilt 70M - 80M
Godsword_shards_%281_and_2%29.png Godsword Shards 10M - 15M
Dragon_bones.png Dragon Bones 3M - 4M each
Zogre_bones.png Zogre Bones 130M - 150M
Uncut_onyx.png Uncut Onyx 3M - 5M
Rune_bar.png Runite Bar 100K - 200K
Barrows_gloves.png Barrows Gloves 5M-10M
Helm_of_neitiznot.png Helm of Neitznot 10M - 15M
Flame_fragment.png Flame Fragment 10M - 20M
Crystal_key.png Crystal Key 5M - 15M
Ancestral_key.png Ancestral Key 5M - 10M
Hard_hat.png Hard Hat 5M - 15M
Fremennik_round_shield.png Fremennik Round Shield 3M - 5M
Flared_trousers.png Flared Trousers 5M - 10M
A_powdered_wig.png Powdered Wig 5M - 10M
Gnome_goggles.png Gnome Goggles 5M - 10M
Gnome_scarf.png Gnome Scarf 5M - 10M
Top_hat.png Top hat 50M - 100M
Easter_ring.png Easter Ring 10M - 20M

Capes Edit

Item Name Price
Legends_cape.png Legend's Cape 10M

Rings Edit

Item Name Price
Berserker_ring.png Berserker Ring 40M - 50M
Archers%27_ring.png Archer's Ring 30M - 50M
Seers%27_ring.png Seer's Ring 20M - 40M
Warrior_ring.png Warrior's Ring 15M - 30M
Berserker_ring_%28i%29.png Berserker Ring (i) 400M - 500M
Archers%27_ring_%28i%29.png Archer's Ring (i) 450M - 550M
Seers%27_ring_%28i%29.png Seer's Ring (i) 350M - 450M
Warrior_ring_%28i%29.png Warrior's Ring (i) 200M - 300M
Ferocious_ring.png Ferocious Ring 10M - 50M (10m per charge)